Managing Your Time

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iGeme Business School

Superior Selling Skills

Skills You Will Gain

    • 1-The Psychology of Time Management_1
    • 2-Strategic Goal Setting_1
    • 3-How to Set Priorities_1
    • 4-Planning and Organizing_1
    • 5-Maximizing Productivity_1
    • 6-Effective Project Management_1
    • 7-Eliminating Time Wasters_1
    • 8-Overcoming Procrastination_1
    • 9-Staying on the Fast Track_1
    • 10-Delegating and Communicating_1
    • 11-Balancing Work and Family_1
    • 12-Philosophy of Time Management_1

About Superior Selling Skills

Why are some people more successful than others 

This question has been studied for many years. More than four thousand books have been written and hundreds of training programs have been developed.

Tens and thousands of sales calls have been carefully monitored to identify the key traits, qualities and behaviors of top salespeople in every industry. 

İn this lesson you will learn the critical elements that separate the top performers from the average performers in every filed. 


Education Application Model

  • %100 Online
    • The entire training is designed online.
  • %100 Learn By Yourself
    • Pc, phone, tablet etc. independent of time and place. you can learn from all platforms at your own pace.
  • Get Your Certificate
    • You can download your International Certificate when your education is over.

Education Design

  • Type                %100 Online
  • Language       English
  • Time                280 hour
  • Online             3 months
  • Level               Advanced level 
  • Certificate      iGeme Business School Onaylı

iGeme Business School UZEM Use of Technology

  • Choose the education you want.
  • Apply for training, define username and password.
  • Go to the training and make your payment from the payment screen.
  • After watching the entire training, press the last certificate request button.
  • Your certificate will be produced within 24 hours.
  • Download your certificate from the View certificate button.


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